Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(I like this picture b/c it's pretty much how life is around here lately, Breanna full of love and smothering her little brother and Ethan looking quite scared about what she's going to do next :)
PS- Michelle, somehow I got Paxton's that's why Ethan's wearing it :)

We are on day 3 of potty training Breanna and today was her breakthru day!!!!!!
4 tinkles in the toilet and 1 poo!!! (sorry if this is too much info :) Only one accident, what a great day!

I'm SOOOOOO excited. Wish me luck that tomorrow is just as successful. I can't wait to be done changing her diapers.
It's kind of like the Pavlov's Dog experiment here at my house. I set the kitchen timer for every 45 minutes and as soon as it beeps I would say, "Breanna let's go, go go to the bathroom, come on, let's run!!" But, by the end of the day today as soon as the timer went off she ran, by herself, took off her clothes and undies and got on the toilet all by herself!!!!! Wahoo!
*Just to let you know the first 2 days were miserable with tons of messes and I thought I was doomed to another failed attempt at potty training (I tried right when she turned 2 years old and I went 7 days before I quit b/c she had only gone in the toilet once in 7 days and I had to clean up all the rest in "accidents" all over the house!)

Yeah Breanna! Keep up the great work and being such a big girl.


natalie said...

haha. oh poor Ethan. Soon he will be big enough to fight back. :) Isabel still gets knocked over by a friendly hug from Bryn on a daily basis.
Hurray for potty training! the timer is a great idea.

Dad n Mom said...

Grandma is so pround of Breanna!!! Such a big girl, good job! Love the look on Ethan's face. What a cute photo.