Friday, January 28, 2011

4th Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday Breanna! You are such an awesome daughter, sister and friend! We love you and are so happy you're in our family.

At 4 years old Breanna:

-Can write her name
-Is working on her numbers and ABC's
-Likes basketball, soccer, football, playing tag, chase, riding her bike (with training wheels on).
-Likes Diego, Dora, Backyardigans
-Likes dinosaurs a lot lately
-Loves to paint, work on preschool worksheets, doesn't really like coloring unless someone else is doing it with her.
-Likes to trace
-Started volunteering to say prayers at meal times, family prayer and even in Sunbeams at church!
-Loves listening to the radio in the car
-Very important to know that she's big and getting bigger all the time, when she eats healthy food.
-Loves her brother SOOOO much. Always touching him, she wants to hold his hand, touch his hair, push him in the right direction, get on his nerves, etc.
-Wants to be in charge
-Always wants to win the race, be first, etc.
-Sings bedtime songs with me at night and tries to rub Ethan's hair or tickle him, like I do for her during songs.
-Sometimes closes her eyes during prayers, sometimes rolls around the room or hops around while praying.
-Loves getting notes from her Grammy on the dry erase board
-Tries to come up with silly names, Grammy says, "See you later alligator", breanna says, "bye crayon" to Grammy.
-Doesn't like to talk to many people, pretty shy unless she knows you and wants to talk to you.
-I persuade her to say hello, goodbye, or just anything polite, doesn't work all the time.

I'm really tired and need to go to bed, this is what I can think of now, but I'll have to post more later for our journal :)


The Price Family said...

Happy Birthday You Sweet little (oops correction) Big girl!!!! I hope it was the best.

Erika and Darren said...

Happy Birthday Breanna!