Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Getting out of the house is done a lot less now that we have 3 children.  I have always been a go somewhere at least once a day kind of mom.  I don't like being "stuck" at the house.  We would go to the park, library, store, walks, etc.

Now it is just easier to stay home play inside or outside in the back yard or go on a little walk/bike ride near the house! That way, when the kids (usually the baby) get antsy, grumpy, screamy, etc....we are at home or close to home :)

We are still spending a lot of time outdoors to get their energy out, but the one thing that has fallen by the wayside is the library.  I would go weekly with the kids before, sometimes two times a week.  Now, every couple to every 3 weeks is how it's been going.  And I think we've made it to story time twice since the baby was born 4 1/2 months ago.

But, we still get books/cds/dvds from the library to keep up with the reading/entertainment at the house!

We went the other day and I try to let the kids choose most of the books, of course steering them towards age appropriate ones and now for Breanna, books that she can practice reading.

Ethan saw the row of new books when we walked in the children's section, raced over and grabbed a book.

"Mom, mom, let's get this shooter one!" he excitedly requested.

I looked at the cover, which had a military man (army) on the front holding a gun and dressed in fatigues.  I thought, hmmm, probably not "age appropriate."

Then.....I read the cover, "The Take Down of Osama Bin Laden."

After that, I convinced him to go find 2 new books in the football section :) Fun times :)