Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 days left!

Update on the no spending month.  We have spent a total of $387.55 in 20 days.  We leave in 10 days for our cruise.  We have to keep our spending under $112.45 in the next 10 days to meet our goal.

This is great b/c we had some special things happen this past week.  We had a family event that we attended and brought food for, so that was extra food.  We also had some wonderful friends from Hawaii come and visit us for 3 days.  We made meals for both families (5 in each family) for 3 days and still have spent the $387.55.

A couple of the splurges were:

$4.00 at McDonalds for ice cream cones for the kids and Rob - everyone worked really hard to clean the condo when we left and they deserved a treat!  Breanna mopped the floor, Ethan vaccuumed, they picked up and helped with the baby on the drive.

$15.00 for Chipotle on the way up to the mountains.  So yummy and helped us all be happy and endure the extremely crowded roads and extra long drive.

$7.00 for Deantonio's - Rob got a calzone and this was the one argument we had.  I said no, he wanted it badly, so I eventually gave in and felt bad b/c he works so hard for our family and the money we do have. 

We have spent $50 in gas for the family travelling around and also short trips around our house.

We also spent plenty of money at grocery stores.....but were able to feed lots of people yummy food and not need to go out to eat.

So far I have learned that our biggest problem is eating out.  We love to eat out.  Even if it's cheap it quickly adds up.  Also it's cheap, but it only lasts one meal versus spending that in a grocery store where it can be a couple meals or the whole family for the same price.

Do you think we can make it til the 15th?

I do!


Michelle & Todd said...

9 days now! Good luck!

natalie said...

I'm just now checking your blog and love your idea of no extra spending for a month. I should really do this sometime soon... I feel like I don't spend as much as my friends on groceries/eating out, clothes, dates, etc., but I do spend more on travel and I could definitely spend less overall and would like to change my habits. I can't help that both our parents live in other countries though! :/
You guys have been doing awesome. congrats!