Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

We took the kids on the "car express" a couple nights before Christmas.  They found magic golden tickets in their beds when it was bed time and were told that they had to go that night.  We loaded them in the car with treats and jammies and dropped off Luke at Auntie Dede's b/c kids have to be over 1 year old for this adventure (no ticket in Luke's crib).  We drove around looking at Christmas lights and eating treats while listening to Christmas music! It was so fun.  The kids fell asleep on the way home, they were "SOOOOOO tired."  (At 7:45pm :)  They definitely enjoyed this special night.

Christmas morning..... Breanna got a puppy that she can "walk" around with a leash.  It also barks and moves.  Luke was terrified of it at first, then learned he could push it over and now he does that and laughs.  Ethan and Breanna got remote control monster trucks from Santa Claus.  Ethan's is black and Breanna's is red, so they can tell them apart.  Breanna was thrilled, saying, "Santa even knew our favorite colors!"  Luke is also scared of the trucks.  Luke got a stuffed puppy from us and a huge thing of "milk" (formula) from Santa, b/c that's all he asked for this year :)

 Sitting there trying to figure out why all these items were zooming around the house.

We really enjoyed having my parents there for Christmas morning.  I somehow didn't manage to capture any pics of Rob or myself, but we were there orchestrating the whole thing!  Rob got me an awesome coat and snowpants, they are nike and the cutest/most fashionable/warm coat and snowpants I've ever owned.  I've used them 3 times already taking the kids sledding.  Rob got a few cool workout shirts, a sweatshirt and sweatpants from nike he really wanted.  We had a really yummy breakfast, french toast, eggs, bacon and piticia (brought by my parents).  Dinner was roast, potatoes and green beans.  Rob cooked everything!  He's my Christmas present with all that cooking!  2012 was a great year.  This Christmas was so enjoyable, not carrying 35 extra pounds around like last year.  Luke's b-day is 3 days after Christmas, so yesterday he turned one!  I will post about that soon.

We had a miracle on Christmas.  We took the kids sledding and went to a steeper hill b/c the snow was fresh and so soft that the sleds were really slow.  The kids had a blast.  There is a pavillion at the bottom of the hill so I had the kids pointed away from it.  Rob had just gone home to get rope so we could make a contraption to pull the sleds back up the hill.  Breanna went down the hill head-first on her sled and somehow had turned toward the pavillion. I was holding Luke and watched as she headed straight for a cement pole, I screamed but couldn't do anything, she was going too fast.  She corrected just a tiny bit and then hit into the pole.  It was a loud smack and I waited for her response as I went down the hill holding Luke.  She didn't do anything for a second then held her head and started screaming.  I was terrified.  I went and held her and put Luke next to me (and he started crying).  I saw no blood, but worried that I hadn't seen where she hit yet.  I yelled for Rob b/c I saw him coming.  He carried her home.  Somehow she managed to hit on the side of her head right by her ear.  This is the miracle b/c she was headed for it straight on the front of her head.  She got a big goose egg, and brusing under the ear, a "rug burn" type burn on her ear that quickly turned into blood bruising.  She screamed and cried, but 15 minutes later was okay.  We had her take it easy for quite some time with an ice pack and tylenol and laying on the couch.  She hit hard enough she should have had a concussion, split open her head or broken something. 
I was terrified that we were going to be in the hospital that day when I watched her smack her head into a cement pole.  I am so grateful that she's okay and really was hurt very little compared to what it could have been.  Apparently how she adjusted right at the end was the perfect angle to protect her. 

That sums up our Christmas, besides the typical Christmas movies we also watched that evening! Merry Christmas!