Wednesday, August 20, 2014

He did it! E went to Kindergarten!  The day was glorious for me.  So quiet and relaxing b/c Claire went down for a nap once we dropped him off.  Luke played in a pool in the front yard and then watched a tv show.  I relaxed, cleaned and prepped food for dinner.  I also went through one of the kids closets and de-cluttered it, which is one of my HUGE goals for our entire house.  I want to get EVERYTHING unnecessary out of here, but more about that later.

Rob and I were able to walk with him to school drop off.  Bre, Mikey, Amari, Hugo and Ethan all rode bikes to school and Rob pushed the little ones in the stroller.  He didn't cry and didn't look back when he walked into the school in his class line, following his teacher.  I will remember that the kids backpacks are almost as big as all the kids, they all look little (especially compared to Breanna's 2nd grade class).

He said it was a good day.  He had no complaints, and was all smiles when I picked him up from school.  Normally I will just drop him off, but today I did both, b/c it was a special first day.  It was nice doing the walk to and from school, it was a warm, but beautiful day outside and I think the kids enjoyed the fresh air.

The little ones played in the pool in the front yard about 10 times today.  I changed them over and over again from wet to dry, wet to dry, wet to dry.  But, they're super happy while playing in there.  Luke brought out tons of his trains and was driving them down the slide into the pool....they're wooden, so that can't be good for them, but once again, I didn't worry b/c it kept him busy and happy.

Took a tiny walk with just Luke when Rob got home from work.  I think it made his night.  He kept smiling at me over and over.  Rob made Ethan and Breanna's night by jumping and playing with them on the trampoline.  They ask him a lot to do this and they were thrilled when he spent lots of time with them playing on the trampoline.

The best part is....we get to do it all again tomorrow!  Send the 2 older to school again, hallelujah!  I really felt like a good mom today, which was so nice, b/c I've felt not so much like that the past while.  It was a long summer with all 4 home all day long everyday, so this new change we've started, feels amazing!