Monday, August 23, 2010

Bake Sale

There was a neighborhood garage sale day on Saturday, so we figured, why not! We put stuff out that we were going to give to goodwill anyways, and wound up with a whopping $20! Wahoo, $20 more for gas for the rental truck :)

I asked Breanna if she would like to sell something too and she said Brownies, so we made them the night before and she sold them for $0.50/per brownie. She was not the greatest salesman :) She would run the other direction when people would come to our sale. She also would stick her fingers and her mouth and wouldn't talk. This is the only time I think she sat at the table, was for a picture :)

She didn't sell a brownie to the first few customers, probably b/c she was 50 feet away from them hiding, and came upstairs bawling that she wasn't selling a brownie. I then texted a couple awesome people to come check out her bake sale, so she would at least get 2 sales! (Thanks for helping out).

In the end, Breanna sold out all her brownies and made $10.50!!! Apparently brownies are more desireable then garage sale stuff :)

It was fun! This is what she looked like when she called Grammy to let her know that she had sold her first brownie...


Erika and Darren said...

We would have bought some brownies. They look delicious.

Ashley C said...

That is too cute. I would have bought all of them. Yum.

LACY RANE said...

How are you?! You are moving to CO? When did this happen? Will you be near your families? I know you won't have much time for this, but I would sure love an update . . . . . :)

Linds said...

They were DELICIOUS! :) Your family sure knows how to do chocolate! We will miss our desert dates...who's going to help us eat all our goodies?! Hehe, talk to you later!