Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting Weak

Apparently I have gotten used to Washington always being mild and cool b/c I am sweating hot!

The past 2 days have been in the 90's and I feel the energy being sucked out of me. It doesn't help that our house is boiling hot, we don't have a digital thermostat, unfortunately, b/c I would honestly guess we were in the 90's today in our condo. It was just as hot inside as it was outside at 3 o'clock on today, yikes!

Now, I lived in Hawaii for 4 years, so what's up with me not handling it? I guess you get used to the weather that you live in, b/c before I was used to always being sweaty and now I'm used to always wearing a sweatshirt! Weird!

90's in Washington does not feel like 90's in Colorado though, I was there in June and it was 95 or 96 degrees and yes, it was hot, but it didn't suck the life out of you. Also, a basement or air conditioning would definitely make a huge difference!

Yahoo for sunshine though and yahoo for blue skies and being able to go to the ocean on Saturday b/c it was so hot!! No sweatshirts at the ocean this time, just swimsuits!

And yes.......I got our car stuck in the sand!!!

Oh yeah, I was there too...


m@R(! said...

I love seeing you in pictures at the beach...that is how i know you best. :)

Michal Thompson said...

don't worry, i have felt myself get whippy about the cold. You really do start to get used to the weather you live in even when you grew up with something different.

Rick and Corina Douglas said...

Aww your little beach bunnies sure are going to miss the water and the beach!! Cant wait till you guys move here! Looking forward to labor day weekend camp out!