Sunday, February 13, 2011

Washington Park

A couple weeks ago we met Rob after work at Washington Park in Denver. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day (for January). We loved it! There is a pond, tons of geese, sidewalks, bike paths, a great playground, tons of people exercising...just a fun environment.

The kids fed the geese. Ethan was terrified at first b/c they are as big as him, but then he watched Breanna and learned it was fun. Pretty soon he was running after them and pretending to throw food, he threw sticks and some goose poo (i know, gross!) and leaves. He didn't understand that they only wanted food!

Notice in the pic with Ethan's push car, we fed the geese with tortillas. Yes....that is how many tortillas we have at our house these days, we just randomly feed them to geese rather then stale bread. And they're the fancy multigrain ones...not cheap :) Just to say the least, we have TONS of tortillas b/c of Rob's route, so if you ever need some, PLEASE ask :) We will be happy to provide.

We actually give them away at the end of church every week, but still have leftovers!

Anywho, back to the park....

We walked around the pond for awhile after feeding the ducks. Then let the kids play at the park. They pouted and cried after we made them leave the geese, but got over it after we got to the park!

What a fun day! Today was beautiful too. It was so nice to feel some warmth when walking in and out of church....we didn't even wear coats today! We didn't get to go play outside b/c church is 1-4pm, but I highly enjoyed the day and the weather.


Michal Thompson said...

MMMM tortillas. i would eat them every meal if I didn't worry about a family to feed