Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Rob!

32 years old on March 14th! He worked hard all day and then came home and we signed papers for an offer on a house that had been accepted that day, what an awesome birthday present!

Then we went on a date without the kiddos, kind of a wierd date: Doctor appointment that I forgot I had, next we hurried to the bank to get a cashier's check for the earnest money due the next day for the house, then the fun......

We went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner and had a fabulous dinner and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while we ate and talked with no little ones bugging us for attention, eating our food, making disasters or scenes in the restaurant. Going out to eat without children is the only way to truly enjoy your meal your paying a lot of money for!!

Then we went to a couple of stores looking for new work pants for Rob, his keep getting ripped, and then found him some new earphones for his Ipod b/c 2 pairs broke last week, and he uses that thing all day doing the route!!

Came home, had an awesome cake for him that Breanna and I made during Ethan's nap time and Grammy and Breanna decorated while we were on our date. Hooray for our kids being in their jammies and fully bathed and smelling so clean when we got home from our date! (Shout out to the awesome grammy and grampy who are so kind to babysit our kids so we can regularly go on dates - even if they are house hunting or watching the kids while we sign papers, or dinner and a movie!!! we love it!!)

What a busy and awesome day. Can't wait for more exciting things to happen this next year for us!

By the way, we are doing the home inspection tomorrow and if everything goes as planned will be closing on April 20th!!! Very excited for our busy and awesome adventures ahead of us.


Pete and Alison said...

How exciting! Great things are coming your way!

Laura McGee said...

Happy Late birthday Rob! i knew it was the 14th i just never txted or emailed sorry! :)
Congrats on the house!! we close on OUR HOME on april 8th!! so excited!! its awesome we are doing it at the same time!! do you have a link or anything to the new house??? ill email you ours :) we need to call and chat i miss you!!

Nick n Jess said...

Congrats on the house, that is so fun and exciting! It's great to have a date without the kids....ours is only 2 months and I already realize it :)

Michelle & Todd said...

Woo hoo! i'm so excited for you. If you want help decorating I will look for ideas for you :) HAppy birthday to Robert. Are you wearing mom's shirt? Or are you guys twins.

Michal Thompson said...

we loved wild life experience! So where is your house? Congrats