Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our new townhouse

We moved about 2 weeks after we had it's been a work in progress, but I LOVE it!!! Everyday I'm greatful to be gone from our other just felt like living in a dark yellowish cave, which we endured for 2 years.

Now onto our fun new place :)
a> Painting the family room wall blue.....Breanna had so much fun and actually listened to all the "painting rules" and got to participate in 90% of the painting :)

It looks awesome and will be even better in the winter when it's gray and rainy outside ALL the time, it'll be our blue "sky" to look at :)

Yes....we have a red couch and a blue what I'm trying to do is set up an "ocean/nautical" theme. We just got a little lighthouse, a lifeguard buoy??(SP?), cute organizing baskets that are white and blue. I'm going to blow up and frame a pic of the blue ocean with the lighthouse in oahu (is red and white) and hang it too. My mother in law has some other great ideas......we're going to make pillows for the couch that match the curtains and then sew some seashell and starfish buttons on. Rob and I also are going to put sand that he collected from hawaii in some clear jars that he got from the ocean.....and then we will get some sand from washington beaches too and seashells for some decoration. I think that's about it. I'm going slow though now b/c I want it to look nice, and not over decorate or overdo it, just subtle things to tie everything together. Thanks to Rob for buying the bright red couch and making decorating difficult :) Seriously though I think it'll look good when we get it done and it's been lots of fun.
This is Breanna's room and will be shared with Ethan when he gets bigger. (Yes, she is still in her crib, but she sleeps 11 to 12 hours per night and I am NOT ready to change that :) You can't see very well the blanket and pillow case in her crib are Zebra and cheetah prints with bright pink added by my awesome mom. She also made coordinating blanket and pillowcase for Ethan that are zebra and cheetah prints with bright green added. I have some picture frames to hang up still that match the jungle theme. Anyways, it's very bright and fun and Breanna loves it.


The Kirkwood Family said...

Very cool, Brooke. It does look so much nicer and bigger than your old place. Congratulations

Amy said...

SOO CUTE!!!!!!! i love it all :) :) :)

Amy said...

LOl the last comment is me, Laura, im at my sisters sorry!

lacy rane said...

Yea for townhouses and blue walls! (We have both too!!) Enjoy your new place . . . so fun. And I love that Breanna helped paint. What a big girl! (Don't they seem so old once there is a baby in the house?!)

Ashley and Nate said...

I love it Brooke! You guys did a great job! I think the nautical theme is a good idea with those colors also. I hope we can see it next time we come over that way.

Matti said...

Soooo cute!