Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

We went to the mall for trick or treating...which I think is GREAT if it's cold outside and you have young ones. Super busy, but fun. We also went to the ward "trunk or treat". That was fun too and quick. I was worried Rob would miss the trunk or treat if he didn't get off work on time, but he was able to come, yeah! Ethan was a great sport chilling in the stroller through the mall and then he loved watching everyone when he stayed with me to pass out candy at the trunk or treat.

Breanna decided to draw on her face b/c she saw me putting whiskers on my she drew bumblebee's on her face (just in case you can't tell what it is :).

Question...did anyone get trick or treaters at their house? I was really worried b/c we ran out of candy at the trunk or treat and it was only 7PM when we got back to our house. I just decided we'd give Breanna's candy to the trick or treaters who came by (i know, i'm a mean mom) but we only had 5 show up! And they all came at, what's up with that? Everyone in our neighborhood I believe did something similar where they went to a church party/mall/YMCA/etc. instead of door to door. Is door to door a thing of the past, or was it just our neighborhood? I talked to another lady who had no one show up, she's in a different neighborhood. Just thought I'd ask to see what happens where everyone else lives!!!

And I'm so excited....the countdown to Thanksgiving is on and then Christmas!!!


Pete and Alison said...

Your kids look so cute! We had a couple people trick or treat but they came before we turned on the light. I thought everyone knew not to come to a house that didn't have the outside light on. It was fun seeing everyone dressed up who came to my door!

m@R(! said...

i love the little lady bug. halloween is fun except for now all i hear is how much kinley wants candy!!

Dad n Mom said...

The kids are soooo cute. We actually don't get kids because we're out in no mans land, but we went to Rick & Corina's and totally enjoyed watching the kids come to the door. They have a great street of people so we totally enjoyed the whole evening. The neighbors had a fire pit out and had chili and hot dogs. It was fun.