Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kinda Awkward

I guess I'm just an awkward person.....situations seem awkward to me that might not to other people.

I was just at Walmart because I desperately needed nursing pads (***was wearing my last pair***) and so I also did some grocery shopping. While checking out the cashier was actually looking at the items I was buying (ususally I swear they don't have the time to or don't care to look at what people are buying).
So, the cashier was a young guy, maybe 20 years old, who had earrings and looked just like maybe even a teenager. While he picks up and places the nursing pads in the bag he says, "Wow, I didn't know they made these!" as he smiles at me.

I just kinda smiled and kept loading the bags in the cart b/c I was thinking, this guy probably had no idea what he's commenting on right now and is mistaking nursing pads for something else.

Then he puts the other box of pads in the bag and says, "well good thing they make them, they must be essential huh?"
Akward smile from me and then I say, "yep they are." Great response Brooke, but what else are you supposed to say to a 20 year old guy commenting on breast pads!!!! I thought, what in the world does this guy know about nursing and why is he talking about it for "small talk?" Don't cashiers usually just ask you how your day is going, or the weather or something! Then I I got flustered thinking about it and he told me to have a nice day and then I started heading out the wrong way....stopped, turned back around and headed the other direction and he commented, "forgot which door!?"

All I could think was this was really awkward :) But, I also thought, what a fun post for my blog! I'm also glad that I didn't load up on any other feminine products at this trip to walmart :)


Pete and Alison said...

Yikes! I bet he buys them for his girlfriend to stuff her bra with.

Leahona said...

how funny!

KaraLynne and Andy said...

That was weird- but good reading for us. ha ha ha. You should have said something equally embarassing back to him like "essential boob wear"

Dad n Mom said...

Too funny!... I absolutely couldn't stop laughing!!!!