Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Story

So, every time I put the kids in the van to drive somewhere I think about this, but never remember later on to write about this is almost 8 months old of a story........

Back in July.......

We were in the hospital after having just had Ethan. It was the night after we had him so we were going to be staying one more night in the hospital then heading home. Rob went home to get things that we needed from home, spent some time with Breanna and then was heading back to the hospital.

The MOST IMPORTANT reason he went home was to get the baby carseat out of the van and bring it to the hospital in our other car for the next morning when we would be leaving.

So, I had installed the base and carseat in the van before we had the baby, b/c I was busy nesting and wanting everything to be ready for the baby.....I don't think Rob had even looked at the carseat b/c of course we didn't need it yet.....

He went out to the van in the pitch black (no street lights at our old apartment) and the inside lights in the van are VERY dim, especially in the far back. He could not for the life of him figure out how to get the carseat unstrapped from the seatbelt. So, he went back into the house, got a flashlight and went back to the car.

Pushing, pulling, prodding, sweating, annoying, frustrating, maddening, 20 minutes later he still could not get the carseat out.

So.....instead of coming back with NO carseat and getting yelled at (jk) by me, he went and got scissors. Yes, scissors. He decided to cut the seatbelt.

He successfully got the carseat out of the car.

He came to the hospital with everything I had asked for.....he told me about the ordeal, I said, did you try to take the carseat out of the base before you tried to unstrap it?

Rob said, "What, there's a base?"

Long story short, we have only 2 seatbelts in the back of the van now :)


kristi said...

hahah that is hilarious totally made me laugh.

Jessica McDonald said...

Haha! That is awesome! I'll have to make sure Aaron knows how to work whatever car seat we end up picking out! Thanks for sharing!

KaraLynne and Andy said...

ohh im laughing out loud now.