Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, Ethan just bit me while nursing, OUCH!!! So, I never experienced this with Breanna b/c I did not nurse her for long. Now what do I do?????? (Besides wean him, which is what I feel like doing at this moment....I'm sure I'll feel different a little bit from right after the INCIDENT).



Kristi said...

Keilana the first time she bit me I freaked out, I flicked her cheek and was like OUGH!! and she got the saddest face. She did it again and I kept a straight face, lightly flicked her cheek and said no. And she has never done it since. So I dont' have much experience. She did it one other time because she wasn't hungry and I was trying to make her eat, so I guess it was pay back. hahah

Pete and Alison said...

ha! Henry does that to me every once in a while. It kills and he is getting his front teeth in now. I want to wean him but he doesn't like formula. I heard that you flick them on the cheek. Henry crys but I think he gets the point! Good luck!

Matti said...

I did the flicking thing with Eden. Only had to suffer through that twice and she was done.

Tex was a little harder to teach. A few times he thought it was a game (wierdo). And after I had flicked him about 5 different times I just felt like I was abusing him and he wasn't really learning anything.

For Tex what seemed to work best was to just stop nursing as soon as he did it, tell him "no" in a serious voice, put him down and walk away. He either quit, or grew out of it. I'm not sure which...but it definately HURTS!

If you do decide to wean, what worked well for Tex and I was putting all pumped milk in the bottle and then each bottle after that adding a little more and more formula. After about 3 days he was drinking straight formula, no complaints or tantrums! ;-) Good luck my friend!

Ashley and Nate said...

Well, I dont have any advice because by some miracle paige never bit me, but I was always so afraid that she would. I can imagine it would be very painful. Yikes.

KaraLynne and Andy said...

when corilynn bite me I yelped and said NO to her firmly and she got all sad. she only did it one or two more times and then learned not to do it/
Dont give up- this is an easy hurdle.

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