Friday, April 2, 2010

Freaking Awesome!!

I don't know if you all know, but my dad is freaking awesome! Today is his "Re-birthday!" WAHOO! It was one year ago today that my dad received a bone marrow transplant. That was the beginning of a very LONG process that had already been going on for 2 years previous to the transplant.

Not only was it a miracle that they found such a close match for my dad, through the National Bone Marrow Bank, but the fact that he survived it amazes me every day.

I wasn't there to help out or experience his day to day survival, but it sure was survival. My mom and dad did it together, they are troopers and have endured a tremendous battle to beat his cancer.

The actual Bone Marrow Transplant sounds very big and daunting, but that was the easy part. It was all the prep for the transplant and then EVERY DAY AFTERWARDS for a year that my dad has endured all kind of aches, pains, fevers, rashes, nausea, vomiting, stomach issues, etc, etc, etc.

He really is like a one year old today. Throughout the process he was only able to have foods introduced to him one at a time, to make sure he wouldn't have a reaction. He grew hair from his head, where he had lost it during chemo. He has to be out of the sunshine and very protected b/c of his super sensitive skin. He couldn't go out in public for FOREVER. He couldn't eat out. He couldn't wash the dishes, prepare his own food, couldn't drive for quite awhile, couldn't be near dust or particles (not allowed to clean).....etc, etc, etc.

But today, he is in California with my mom, visiting my sister Michelle and her family. He is exercising, going on hikes, plays with the grandkids, can go to certain restaurants, they just planned a cruise for May, he went skiing, etc....

WAHOO! Dad you're my hero, I can't believe you've endured all of this. Mom, you're my hero too for embarking on this crazy difficult journey with Dad and suceeding!



Matti said...

Happy Re-Birthday Brooke's Dad!!!!! That is FREAKING AWESOME...just as Brooke said. ;-)

Actually I giggled, cuase just as I finished reading this whole post in my mind I said, "Wow! How freaking awesome is that?" And then I noticed the title of this post. Great minds my friend...great minds.

The Stradling Family said...

I too think your dad is awesome and I am in awe of your mom as well. I'm so glad that he is feeling well. Hopefully we can catch up with you guys soon.

Jeff Snoy said...

Brooke, Thank you for such a kind and humbling blog!!!Love you!!momxoxo

KaraLynne and Andy said...

yeah!!! Im glad things are going so well. Yippee!

deannesnoy said...

How hard it was with dad in the hospital...thank you B for bringing up how much we have to be greatful for!!

Rick and Corina Douglas said...

Wow!!That is Sooo Great!! It is nice to her that your Dad is doing so well and that he can finally return to some what normal!! Your parents are amazing!! Congratulations