Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes even I need a translator for my 2 year old!!

Ethan has decided he needs a light on to sleep at night.  Breanna likes it pitch black.  Ethan keeps turning on their light at bed time and that encourages them to stay up an extra hour playing (since they can see :)

So.....I told them we would get a new light bulb for them so that Ethan could have a night light right by his bed, and it's not too bright for Breanna.

Yesterday after I told them about the bulb the night before Ethan was quite upset when we didn't make it to the store before the Dr. appt. I had scheduled.  I told him, no worries that we would go to the store in the afternoon.

He continued to be upset and I asked him why.

"We need get new boob," he said.


"New boob."

Well friends, it took me a long talk with him and some patience to figure out what he was talking about.  It clicked when I told him to show me what the "boob" was and he ran to the night light.....OH YEAH! He meant light bulb :)

Pretty cute.  Everything is fixed now b/c I bought a light bulb and figured out what my 2 year old was trying to say :)


jess bahr said...

HAHA! too cute! I am so glad you finally figured out what he was talking about - you might have some trouble in your house if you didn't :)

Michal Thompson said...

amen, I can't understand Corbin if he is trying to talk while he is upset- and he is almost 4