Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

We had a great day at church....went for a bike ride/walk and then put the kids to bed after dinner. (7pm)

Then I woke them up at 9:30PM and we drove to see fireworks (which didn't start til 10:15PM).

The kids loved it. Ethan would say aaahhh, or scream and then clap his hands after each firework. He would get frustrated if there was a break in the action.

Breanna did great, her eyes were SO excited when we got in the car and saw fireworks as we drove to see fireworks. I thought she might freak out b/c she does NOT like loud noises, but she really enjoyed the whole event. I'm really glad I brought blankets b/c it was pretty chilly, but so fun.

We decided to go somewhere we could see the fireworks and not get stuck in the huge crowds and traffic on the way out. So....we drove along looking for where to go....and then we decided to sit with the thousands of others that had gathered at the Tumwater Cemetery (Yikes:) for the fireworks. We were on the edge of the cemetery, not in the graveyard, out in the open grass, so it was great for viewing and kind of cool actually. But, it was eerie walking to and from our car on the sidewalk through the cemetery. It's something I'll definitely remember though!

They went right to sleep when we got home, yeah!


Ashley C said...

Nate sent the e-mail to the "robsconnection" one. Did he get it?
Have Rob call Nate so we can plan our little trip. :)