Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on Megan....Keep Praying, the prayers are working!

Information from her husband Ryan:

"Today I went to the hospital and was able to be with megan. Her medicine was much lighter than expected and she is still kind of there. I was able to hold her hand and she could use her hands to speak by sign language. She was able to sign that she loved us and that she is doing okay. The doctors say that her lungs are responding really well to the Leukemia and such dramatic progress that they are going to try and wean her off of the ventilator tomorrow. If all goes well she will be able to be woken up in a couple days and I can speak with her. They are now thinking that she did not have pneumonia but the leukemia cells were infiltrating her lungs and rapidly filling them with fluid.

I am so glad to finally have some good news. After a week of emergency, middle of the night hospital trips full of bad news it feels so good to hear something positive. I told Megan that once she get the tubes out and is breathing better, she will have a large cake batter cold stone ice cream waiting for her!"

He created a website with information, songs, videos, pictures, which is incredible.


Ashley C said...

I'm so glad to hear that there has been progress! What a blessing.