Friday, November 26, 2010

Washington Park

Rob and I love exploring neighborhoods, especially with beautiful old homes. We would go to Tacoma and Seattle when we were in WA and explore as often as we could. Recently we've been making trips up to Denver to explore all the cool neighborhoods. We love the neighborhood right by Washington Park and had a fun adventure a couple weeks ago up there with our family and Michelle, Paxton and Grammy.

Beautiful homes. Leaves all over the ground to crunch. Little toddlers exploring. Breanna running and having fun, then falling and scraping her knee. Grammy speed pushing the kids in the stroller. Fun times.

At the end huge dark clouds moved over us and the wind started whipping around. The leaves were smacking us in the face and it got REALLY cold. We ran as fast as we could ( I told Michelle to speed walk since she's prego and we didn't want her to go into labor) as it started these huge drops of rain on us. As we threw ourselves into the car with the kids it started snowing!!! It snowed the whole way home these huge flakes! It was really fun!

(Okay, I can't find pics of the old cool houses, but you'll see some awesome houses in one pic :) The one of the tree/street is when I told Michelle to try and take a pic of the storm coming and the leaves blowing. She was speed walking while she did it, so hooray, didn't get the storm but the idea of the storm :)


Dadman said...

Such a great look'n fam! So you guys are in Colorado now?

Dadman said...

Oh by the way its James & Rox!