Sunday, November 28, 2010

Really Greatful

We moved over here to Colorado about 3 months ago from Washington and things are going great. It hasn't been easy. There are so many things that I am grateful for:

- The fact that we moved here.....finally! Ever since we had children I have wanted to be closer to family. I also thought Washington was beautiful, I enjoyed the time we had there, the friends we made and the amazing places we got to explore, but I grew up in CO, I am used to SUNSHINE!!!!
-I am so greatful to wake up almost every morning and see the sun! I love it and it makes my whole day start off great!
-My parents are letting us live with them in their basement temporarily. This has been working very well and I couldn't ask for anything more. Living with your parents when you are married and have 2 kids is not your dream or goal, but we are so thankful that they have the space for us and are willing to take us in. It will be a rude awakening when we move out for all of us! Breanna and Ethan are very used to having their Grammy and Grampy around and so they go searching for them the moment I stop paying attention to them so that I can get something done. They get their food quicker, more books read to them, more playtime with toys and more interaction then if it were just me, b/c I can't play with them all day or else it would be a pigsty! But, they love their attention!
- Rob now owns his 2nd business and started last week! When we moved over here we didn't have a job for Rob and that is really scary. Especially in this economy and we have definitely learned over the past 3 months that getting a job, any job, is REALLY hard right now! Luckily Rob got some temporary jobs here and there, but I am so greatful that we decided to purchase this business and take matters into our own hands, rather then waiting around until we finally found a good job. What we were finding in the job market would have made it impossible for me to continue staying home, so this is going to allow that, which I am greatful for! (FYI- we purchased a Mission Tortilla Route in Denver, where Rob delivers to 7 grocery stores including our new favorite tortilla, chips, etc. is Mission :) He is getting up at 4AM every morning to do the route and I love that this gets him home early, so far around 1ish, so that he has the day with us! He does go to bed at 8AM though, so that's a big adjustment, but he put himself on the sleep schedule 3 weeks before we bought the business!!)

- I am so greatful for family, friends, children, my husband, cars that are working, food, warmth, a place to live, etc. I am so happy!

Life has not been perfect for the past while without a job, money, etc, but I have experienced about 15% of the stress level that I had in Washington when we weren't making $$ anymore with Rob selling homes. I am so greatful for the hard work he did there and how successful he was....he sold 54 homes and started selling homes in Feb. 2008 when the Real Estate Market was crashing. Somehow for 2 1/2 years he sold home after home after home. It wasn't easy, he worked REALLY hard, but we lasted a really long time. It obviously stopped being successful and since the last week of May it's been trying to figure out where or when we could make any money.
I'm really greatful for a husband who works hard and knows how to work hard.

I'm really greatful for being able to stay relatively positive throughout the majority of this. (Not gonna lie, not positive every day, just lots of days)

I'm really greatful that we see a very positive future ahead. Can't wait to see how this business turns out for us and how we do with it. Can't wait to decide where to move and live in CO once we move out of the parents house. Can't wait to continue to be able to be a part of our families lives with holidays and gatherings!


m@R(! said...

you are soo lucky to be able to live so close to your family! how fun!!!! I bet your excited to have snow for christmas!!!